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Dr. Dan Reiter
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Political Science
Department of Political Science
Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
(404) 727-0111

Current CV

Read for free the first chapter of my book, How Wars End (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2009). This book won the 2010 award for Best Book in Conflict Processes from the American Political Science Association, and was recognized by Choice magazine as an outstanding academic title of 2010. It was also shortlisted by the Council on Foreign Relations for the 2010 Arthur Ross Award, and received Honorable Mention for Best Book Award in Security Studies, International Security Studies Section, International Studies Association. There was an online roundtable on this book; it can be found here. Buy the book here.

View the front cover of my book, Crucible of Beliefs: Learning, Alliances, and World Wars (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1996).
Buy it here.

View the front cover of my book, Democracies at War (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2002), coauthored with Allan C. Stam. Read the first chapter for free here. Buy it here


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Unpublished Papers

December 3, 2001 article, "No Quarter"

October 2004 Policy Brief, "The Osiraq Myth and the Track Record of Preventive Military Attacks"

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