Hubert Tworzecki
Associate Professor and Director of Internships

Fulbright U.S. Scholar 2016-17
Department of Political Science
316 Tarbutton Hall
1555 Dickey Drive
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322
tel: (404) 727-2244
fax: (404) 727-4586

Curriculum Vitae (PDF format)

 Teaching Schedule

Fall 2022

Pols 120: Introduction to Comparative Politics

Pols 494: Research Seminar: Comparative Political Parties


Spring 2023

Pols 325: East European Politics

Pols 494: Research Seminar: Comparative Political Behavior

Recent Publications

Tworzecki, Hubert. "Book Review: The New Party Challenge: Changing Cycles of Party Birth and Death in Central Europe and Beyond. By Tim Haughton and Kevin Deegan-Krause." Perspectives on Politics, Vol. 20, No.1 (2022), pp. 338-9.

Tworzecki, Hubert, and Radosław Markowski. "What Happened to Poland’s May 10 Election: We Asked What Poles Think About Voting in a Pandemic," TMC, The Washington Post, May 10 2020.

Tworzecki, Hubert, “Poland: A Case of Top-Down Polarization," The Annals of The American Academy of Political and Social Science, Vol. 681, No. 1 (Jan. 2019), pp. 97-119.


Semetko, Holli and Hubert Tworzecki, “Campaign Strategies, Media and Voters: The Fourth Era of Political Communication,” in Marta Cantijoch, Edward Fieldhouse, Mark Franklin,  Rachel Gibson, Christopher Wlezien and Justin Fisher, eds., Routledge Handbook on Public Opinion and Voting Behaviour (London and New York: Routledge, 2017).

Tworzecki, Hubert, and Radosław Markowski. "Why Is Poland’s Law and Justice Party Trying to Rein in the Judiciary?," TMC, The Washington Post, July 26, 2017.

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