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We support a comprehensive teaching and research program in service of a global community concerned with good governance, peace, security, and human welfare.

We commit to theoretically guided, rigorous empirical scholarship that responds to important questions concerning the ways in which political communities function.

We seek to develop globally engaged citizens, innovative members of the workforce, and the next generation of inspiring teachers in higher education.


Tarbutton Hall Entrance

Department of Political Science

327 Tarbutton Hall
1555 Dickey Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
327 Tarbutton Hall

Department Contacts

Jeffrey Staton Headshot
Jeffrey Staton
Professor & Department Chair
321B Tarbutton Hall
Danielle Jung Headshot
Danielle Jung
Associate Professor and Interim Director of Graduate Studies
319 Tarbutton Hall
John Patty Headshot
John Patty
Professor & Director of Graduate Admissions
305 Tarbutton Hall
Hubert Tworzecki Headshot
Hubert Tworzecki
Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies & Internships
316 Tarbutton Hall

Program Coordinators & Staff

Kathy Malanoski Headshot
Kathy Malanoski
Assistant Program Director
338 Tarbutton Hall
Debbie Allen Headshot
Debbie Allen
Graduate Program Coordinator
328 Tarbutton Hall
Amanda Hutson Headshot
Amanda Hutson
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
327 Tarbutton Hall
Michelle Brown Headshot
Michelle Brown
Program Coordinator
326 Tarbutton Hall