Center for the Study of Law, Politics and Economics

The Center for the Study of Law, Politics, and Economics at Emory University includes faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate fellows with common interests in the interplay of law, politics, and economics. The Center focuses both on the law as an output (e.g. why do we see the laws we do, and what explains the design and change of legal institutions?) as well as law as an input (e.g. how does the law and application of the law affect political and economic behavior?). Affiliated members study these questions with regards to law at the state level (both U.S. and comparative law) and the international level (e.g. the ECJ, ICC, WTO and more). The center is designed to encourage research that crosses disciplinary boundaries. The center is grateful to Emory College, Emory School of Law, and the Halle Institute for their generous support.

The Center's affiliated faculty from political science include Prof. Clifford J. Carrubba, Prof. Thomas Clark, Prof. Michael Giles, Prof. Eric Reinhardt, Prof. Jeffrey Staton, and Prof. Thomas Walker, and from the law school and department of economics include Prof. Robert Ahdieh, Prof. Thomas Arthur, Prof. William Buzbee, Prof. Michael Kang, Prof. Jonathan Nash, Prof. Victoria Nourse, Prof. Paul Rubin, Prof. Julie Seaman, Prof. Robert Shapiro, Prof. George Shephard, Prof. Joanna Shephard, Prof. Frederick Tung, Prof. Liza Vertinsky and Prof. Sasha Volokh.

Recent publications by affiliated faculty have appeared in top journals such as American Political Science Review; American Journal of Political Science; Journal of Politics; Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization; World Politics; the Journal of Law & Economics; the Journal of Legal Studies; American Law and Economics Review; the Michigan Law Review; the Stanford Law Review; the U.C.L.A. Law Review; New York University Law Review; and the Yale Law Journal, among others.