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Dissertations in Progress

  • Arnon, Daniel.  State Capacity and Rebel Mobilization
  • Cheruvu, Sivaram.  Three Essays on Authoritarian Backsliding
  • Cuttner, Allison.  Frenemies: Conflict in the Dictator's Inner Circle
  • Curtice, Travis.  The Autocrat's Dilemma: The Politics of Policing in Multiethnic Societies
  • Dauzat, Braden.  The Value of a Captured Judiciary: The Political Economy of Regime-Aligned Courts
  • Edwards, Pearce.  Repression, Complicity, and Dissent in Dictatorship
  • Harmon, Rachel.  Understanding the Perpetration of Human Trafficking in Civil Conflict by Political Actors
  • Heller, Abigail.  Re-examining Electoral Reform: The Role of Voters and Party Backbencher
  • Macdonald, Maggie.  Changing Audiences, Changing Messages: The Use of Social Media in Congressional Campaigns
  • McCrain, Joshua.  Legislative Staff, Policymaking, and Legislator Behavior
  • Nash, Jonathan.  Essays on Lower Federal Court Judicial Selection and Decision-Making
  • Szewczyk, James.  The Consequences of Electoral Institutions in the United States
  • Villa, Danielle.  Humanitarian Externalities of Consent: Institutional Constraints and Asymmetrical United Nations Peacekeeper Effectiveness
  • Widner, Kirsten.  Unrepresentative Representatives: Surrogate Advocacy and Policy Making
  • Wiener, Elizabeth.  The Influence of Women's Advocacy Organizations on Women's Substantive Representation: Sex Similarities in Legislative Behavior
  • Xu, Jian.  Three Essays on the Legal Hazards of Foreign Investment