Visiting Faculty

Three visiting faculty will enrich the seminar.  Maurice Isserman of Hamilton College, whose analysis of the Communist movement differs from my own, will be here during the first week to present his interpretation.  Lauren Weiner will talk about Communism and folk music and sing a number of songs.  Robert Gabrick, a participant in one of my earlier seminars, with whom I wrote a curriculum guide for school teachers, will be available to assist teachers interested in integrating some of this material into their own courses.

  • Maurice Isserman received a B.A. in history from Reed College in 1973 and his Ph.D. in American history from the University of Rochester in 1979.  He is a chaired professor of history at Hamilton College.  He has written extensively on American communism and radical politics in America since the 1980s, publishing numerous articles and books on topics ranging from the CPUSA during World War II to a history of the New Left.
  • Lauren Weiner is Associate Editor of the Online Library of Law and Liberty. Her essays and reviews on the history of American communism have appeared in many periodicals, including Society, the Weekly Standard, the Baltimore Sun and American Communist History. She is also an amateur folk singer. A cum laude graduate of Kenyon College (AB, 1981), she is a former Capitol Hill aide and speechwriter to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.
  • Robert Gabrick taught American and World History in Wisconsin and Minnesota from 1962 until 2004. He also served  as an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota.  He has been the recipient of numerous grants and fellowships.  After retirement, he has served as a master teacher and advisor on Teaching American History grants.  He holds a B.S. in Education from the University of Minnesota and a Master’s Degree in American Studies from Macalester College.