Feedback from Participants in Dr. Klehr's 2016 Seminar

"As one of the participants in the seminar, I was inspired every day of the five weeks with focused lectures, thought-provoking discussions, and the rich collection of material. I have learned not only content knowledge that I didn't have but also how to re-examine subjects we have taken for granted through new facts and fresh perspectives."

"Professor Klehr was ideal. Authoritative, yet open to discussion. Direct, but friendly. Encouraging group-building, scheduling guest lecturers, and making suggestions for further reading/research."

"Well-researched, well-planned, balanced, thorough exploration of Communism in America. Best NEH teacher event I have attended by far. .. This is what education and inquiry should be. I return to the classroom with a much more complete understanding of issues and historical events that connect to the content area I teach. What a pleasure!"

"This was the most valuable learning experience I have had in my many courses and inservices. The readings were exceptionally invigorating and selected from a range of academic disciplines. Dr. Klehr led excellent discussions which were propelled by his insights about the topics and his engaging anecdotes about the events under examination."

"The seminar was among the best learning experiences in my life. The content was expertly presented in a collegial atmosphere in which all voices were heard."

"One primary takeaway for me was Dr. Klehr’s emphasis on the importance of documents taking primacy over the place of ideology in forming a historical narrative. The seminar’s focus on primary source accounts, in counterpoint to more propagandistic and emotionally-charged documents contemporaneous with those that express truth, made for a fascinating and perspective-shifting academic experience."

"I loved it. Every aspect of the course was fascinating."

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