Alan I. Abramowitz

Alben W. Barkley Professor

Political Science

Office: 310 Tarbutton Hall

Phone: (404) 727-0108

Fax: (404) 727-4586


Additional Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Department of Political Science

1555 Dickey Drive
Emory University

Atlanta, Georgia 30322


  • B.A., University of Rochester , 1969
  • M.A., Ph.D., Stanford University, 1976


For all undergraduate student matters, please use the email address above to contact Dr. Abramowitz.

Previous appointments at William and Mary (1976-82) and SUNY Stony Brook (1982-87).

Areas of Specialization: American politics, political parties, elections, and voting behavior.

Current research involves party realignment in the U.S. and its consequences for presidential and congressional elections.