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Core Faculty

Alexander Bolton Headshot
Alexander Bolton
Assistant Professor
332 Tarbutton Hall
Courtney Brown Headshot
Courtney Brown
Associate Professor
318 Tarbutton Hall
Natália Bueno Headshot
Natália Bueno
Assistant Professor
333 Tarbutton Hall
Clifford Carrubba Headshot
Clifford Carrubba
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
411 Modern Languages Building
Tom Clark Headshot
Tom Clark
Charles Howard Candler Professor
321C Tarbutton Hall
David Davis Headshot
David Davis
Associate Professor
330 Tarbutton Hall
Bernard Fraga Headshot
Bernard Fraga
Associate Professor
215 Tarbutton Hall
Emily Gade Headshot
Emily Gade
Assistant Professor
336 Tarbutton Hall
Jennifer Gandhi Headshot
Jennifer Gandhi
Associate Professor
317 Tarbutton Hall
Andra Gillespie Headshot
Andra Gillespie
Associate Professor
217E Tarbutton Hall
Adam Glynn Headshot
Adam Glynn
Associate Professor
303 Tarbutton Hall
Nahomi Ichino Headshot
Nahomi Ichino
Associate Professor
304 Tarbutton Hall
Danielle Jung Headshot
Danielle Jung
Honors Program Coordinator
319 Tarbutton Hall
Pablo Montagnes Headshot
Pablo Montagnes
Assistant Professor
311 Tarbutton Hall
Judd Owen Headshot
Judd Owen
Associate Professor
302 Tarbutton Hall
Michael Owens Headshot
Michael Owens
Associate Professor
306 Tarbutton Hall
John Patty Headshot
John Patty
Director of Graduate Admissions
305 Tarbutton Hall
Elizabeth Penn Headshot
Elizabeth Penn
Director of Graduate Studies
320 Tarbutton Hall
Beth Reingold Headshot
Beth Reingold
Associate Professor
331 Tarbutton Hall
Eric Reinhardt Headshot
Eric Reinhardt
Associate Professor
329 Tarbutton Hall
Dan Reiter Headshot
Dan Reiter
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
335 Tarbutton Hall
Michael Rich Headshot
Michael Rich
308 Tarbutton Hall
Miguel Rueda Headshot
Miguel Rueda
Assistant Professor
315 Tarbutton Hall
Holli Semetko Headshot
Holli Semetko
Asa Griggs Candler Professor
312 Tarbutton Hall
Renard Sexton Headshot
Renard Sexton
Pi Sigma Alpha Advisor
334 Tarbutton Hall
Jeffrey Staton Headshot
Jeffrey Staton
Department Chair
321B Tarbutton Hall
Jessica Sun Headshot
Jessica Sun
Assistant Professor
217B Tarbutton Hall
Hubert Tworzecki Headshot
Hubert Tworzecki
Director of Undergraduate Studies & Internships
316 Tarbutton Hall