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Micheal W. Giles

Dr. Micheal W. Giles

Fuller E. Callaway Professor
of Political Science

320 Tarbutton Hall
Department of Political Science
Emory University
1555 Dickey Drive
Atlanta, GA 30322
Office Phone: (404) 727-6565
Office Fax: (404) 727-4586
Curriculum Vitae

Micheal W. Giles, B.A. (1968), North Texas State University; M.A. (1969), Ph.D. (1971), University of Kentucky. He has served as President of the Southern Political Science Association, Chair of the Law and Courts Section of the American Political Science Association, and Editor of the Journal of Politics. His research interests span an array of topics including courts as political institutions, racial politics, and urban public policy. He is currently engaged in work focusing on issues of hierarchy within the federal courts.

 Paper: Of Potted Plants and Political Images