Political Institutions and Methodology Working Group (PIM)

The Political Institutions and Methodology Working Group is an organized collection of faculty and graduate students. The uniting theme among members of the group is that their research touches on the study of political institutions and political methodology. The Working Group hosts myriad events and supports multiple intellectual endeavors in the political science department. The Working Group now organizes the speaker series that was formerly known as the Political Institutions and Methodology Colloquium. In addition, we sponsor workshops, reading groups, and seminars. During the summers, we support regular workshopping opportunities for faculty who need to brainstorm an idea, revise a paper, or solve a research problem.

PIM Research ImageThe Working Group's intellectual mission is broad, but its goal is simple; it seeks to amplify the human capital of faculty and students working in the Group's areas of interest. By bringing together scholars with diverse perspectives and foci, the Working Group aims to promote a rich, exciting intellectual environment. 

The Working Group is faculty-led. Each year, the membership selects from among itself a Director, who coordinates events. The current Director is Professor Tom Clark. Financial support is provided by Emory College, the Department of Political Science, and the Halle Institute. If you have any questions about who we are, what we do, or how you can become involved, please feel free to contact the Director.