What Can You Do with a Political Science or IS Major?

Answer: Anything you want!

Majoring in Political Science or International Studies is a stepping stone to exciting careers in many fields.

Some of our majors enter the field of law. Our majors routinely gain entry to America's top law schools, and from there start successful careers. Just ask Anjan Sahni (class of 1998), co-chief of the terrorism unit in the US Attorney's Office in the Southern District of New York. Or New Jersey Superior Court Judge Robert Kirsch (1988). Or Elliott Levitas (1952), who was lead attorney for the largest class action settlement in US history, earning his Native American clients in 2011 $3.4 billion in claims from the US government.

Other Political Science and International Studies majors want to enter politics, and enjoy tremendous success. Go ahead and ask George Lemieux (1991), who just stepped down as a United States Senator. Or Congresswoman Kathy Castor (1988), currently serving in the House of Representatives.

Some of our majors discover political science as a career, and want to become college professors themselves. These students routinely attend the nation's top doctoral programs in political science, and go on to teach at America's leading universities. Our alumni now at the front of the classroom include Harvard's Susan Pharr (1966) and Meg Rithmire (2004; starting at Harvard in Fall 2011), Yale's Greg Huber (1995), Berkeley's David Ahn (1999), Northwestern's Lee Epstein (1980), MIT's Charles Stewart (1979), and Penn's Michael Horowitz (2000), among many others.

Many of our majors find a variety of ways to engage in public policy. Some work in the US government, like Jonathan Levy (2004), Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Department of Energy. Others work outside of government. Lauren Mayros (2002) fights nuclear proliferation with the Nuclear Suppliers Group, based in Vienna. April Rinne (1996) helps employ microfinance tools to bring clean water and sanitation to the world's poor. William Tompson (1988) advances global development as a senior economist with the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, in Paris. Robert Appleton (1985) fought corruption while serving as Chief of the United Nations Anti-Corruption Task Force, and now improves education around the world as treasurer for the Giving Project.

And, a number of our majors strike out into the business world. Some enter the world of finance and investment, like Harvey Zeidwerg (1991) of Goldman Sachs, or Lane Lamure (1996) of Atticus Capital. Others start their own business, like fashion mogul Kenneth Cole (1976), or David Geller (1981), who started his own financial planning company. Some even combine business and politics, like Joshua Henne (2000), founder of the political consulting firm, White Horse Strategies.

With a Political Science or International Studies degree in hand, your future is anything you make of it. Any questions? Contact the department office or our academic degree program coordinator for Political Science and International Studies, Genevieve Reavis.