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Bard Semester Program

Bard College's Globalization and International Affairs (BGIA) Program provides a unique opportunity for university students and recent graduates to engage in the study and practice of:

  • human rights law,
  • civil society development,
  • political economy,
  • ethics, and
  • writing on international affairs.

BGIA blends traditional coursework in these fields with internships at international organizations in New York City. Students combine critical thinking about global affairs with practical experience in major international organizations.

There are 5 components to the program:

  1. an internship for 20 hours per week;
  2. seminars;
  3. tutorials;
  4. a speaker series;
  5. and a student-edited journal.

BGIA is a highly selective program for 25 students each spring and fall semester. In June and July BGIA operates an 8-week summer program for 20 students.

BGIA's founder was James Chace, former managing editor of Foreign Affairs magazine and the World Policy Journal, and a Professor of International Relations at Bard College.

Apply for the Program

Students may apply for the program after three semesters of residence at Emory.

Students may select either fall or spring semesters and will receive sixteen (16) semester hours of satisfactory/unsatisfactory credit upon successful completion of the program.

Eight of these hours may be used to fulfill requirements for either the Political Science or International Studies majors. Please note that the total number of hours taken at Bard may not equal sixteen, but will still transfer as sixteen hours to Emory.

Grades will appear on the Bard transcript and you may use the Bard and Emory transcripts when submitting employment or graduate applications.

Emory Application

Bard Semester Application

Announcements about application deadlines will be made each semester. Applications are submitted to the department Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Two-three students per semester are selected and then recommended to Bard. Emory College students are very welcomed at Bard.



  • Bard College
  • Brown University
  • Columbia School of Journalism
  • Yale University
  • The New York Times
  • Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Newsweek

Courses Offered

  • writing on international affairs
  • international political economy
  • human rights law
  • environmental policy*
  • ethics and international affairs*
  • civil society development*
  • terrorism*

*Offered alternating semesters


Students intern up to 25 hours per week with governmental, nonprofit, media, and corporate entities working in diverse areas of global concern.

Students are supervised by a staff mentor at the internship and participate in the Tutorial / Seminar, which provides an academic framework to contextualize the professional internship experience.

Students have interned at the following organizations and the list is constantly updated.