The Program in Democracy and Citizenship

The Program is a curricular initiative at Emory University, centered on the knowledge required for young Americans to become responsible, informed citizens with a critical appreciation of the values, ideals and history of our nation and the Western civilization that has informed it.

It is directed by Dr. Judd Owen in the Political Science Department. Supported by a core faculty who believe that a liberal arts education worthy of the name must provide students with the tools and historical background to appreciate the values and basis of liberal democratic regimes, the Program in Democracy and Citizenship strives to infuse the undergraduate curriculum with courses and programming that expose them to such material.

In addition to sponsoring courses in Political Science and five other departments, the Program has hired post-doctoral students to teach a variety of courses, such as "Economic and Political Liberty", "Capitalism and Modernity" and "Utopias and Dystopias" to name just a few offered recently in the Political Science Department. Additionally, a prominent lecturer is brought to campus every year to speak on some aspect of the American Founding; also the Voluntary Core Curriculum program based on great books in the Western tradition is offered for first year students and sophomores.

The Program in Democracy and Citizenship is supported by the Jack Miller Center for Teaching America's Founding Principles and History.


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