Studying Law at Emory

Emory offers a tremendous array of resources for undergraduates interested in the study of law. Our political science majors have gone on to attend top law schools, such as Harvard, Yale, Michigan, NYU, and others. After law school, they have clerked for Supreme Court Justices, managed leading law firms, served as judges, became law school professors and deans, worked as federal and state prosecutors, served in the United States Congress, and held other important government, corporate, academic, and non-profit positions.

Many students interested in law school major or minor in political science, because of the strength of the department's faculty and the variety of its law-related course offerings. Within the political science department, Drs. Micheal Giles, Tom Walker, Cliff Carrubba, and Tom Clark all focus on American law and courts. Drs. Carrubba and Eric Reinhardt conduct research on international law and legal institutions, such as the European Court of Justice and the World Trade Organization. Dr. David Davis has a special interest in international law as it pertains to human rights. Dr. Jeff Staton studies the court systems of other countries, especially Latin America.

There are many undergraduate political science courses which address the study of the law and courts. These courses include The American Legal System, The Supreme Court, Constitutional Law, Civil Liberties, Criminal Justice, International Law, Global Human Rights, Comparative Constitutional Law, Judicial Policy-Making, and others. Students in our honors program have written undergraduate theses that have been published in journals of legal scholarship. Others have secured internships in government offices dealing with law-related subjects.

Emory offers many other resources for undergraduates interested in the study of law. The Pre-Law Advising Office, housed within The Career Center, offers a wealth of programs and services to Emory’s pre-law students and alumni. Those considering law school are advised to register with the office to be placed on the Pre-Law Listserv for direct communications from the Director of Pre-Law Advising.  The Emory Law School is highly respected nationally and internationally. The Center for Law and Social Science invites a number of speakers to campus to discuss law-related topics. The Center for the Study of Law and Religion brings together scholars and students interested in the intersection of law and religion. Emory's libraries have extensive holdings in law and legal institutions.