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Photo of Chris PalazzoloWelcome to Woodruff Library!

My name is Chris Palazzolo and I am the social sciences librarian at Woodruff Library at Emory University. I serve as a link between the Department of Political Science (as well as to Economics and Education) and the Woodruff Library in terms of instruction (both graduate and undergraduate), reference/consultation, and collections. I am writing to provide you with a few details as to the numerous services and resources Emory holds, with a special emphasis on political science and more broadly, the social sciences. As a PhD in the Department of Political Science as well as a former fellow in the Electronic Data Center (discussed below), I possess significant expertise in political science and general social science resources and research.

I hope that you will take the time to look through the enclosed materials as well as visit the library's website at http://web.library.emory.edu. I also encourage you to visit the current subject and course guides that have been created for political science: Go to http://guides.main.library.emory.edu/ and search for political science.

Photo of the Robert Woodruff Library

Woodruff Library's principal objective is to support your research needs by integrating traditional library resources with emergent and developing research technologies and collection. Therefore, not only does one have access to an impressive print collection, but also to state-of-the-art technological applications and assistance, in such areas as the Electronic Data Center, the Learning Commons, Electronic Classrooms, and the Emory Center for Interactive Teaching (ECIT, which offers opportunities for integrating technology into your research and teaching using such tools as web design, multimedia software, etc).

To highlight a number of specific library features that may be of interest to you:.

  • Of particular interest to those number-crunchers among you should be the Electronic Data Center (EDC), which supports faculty and students in the identification and management of statistical information and data. Emory is member of the ICPSR (the Inter-University Consortium of Political and Social Research), which acts as a clearinghouse of numerous social science data. The EDC has access to many statistical resources, such as the OECD iLibrary, UN Comtrade, Eurostat, China Data Online, Banks Cross-National Data, Political Risk data, and a multitude of other data sources. The EDC also provides access to GIS mapping software and assistance.
  • Emory Libraries also has subscriptions to numerous online bibliographical databases, such as the Economist Intelligence Unit and Social Science Abstracts.
  • Political Science Complete (with full text), Social Science Citation Index (part of Web of Science), Social Science Abstracts, World Bank eLibrary, and the CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Electronic Library, all of which are located under "Databases" on the library's main page. These sources are restricted to Emory users/patrons; however, they can be accessed remotely with an Emory ID and password from anywhere in the world. We will hopefully begin a trial subscription to the Sage Research Methods Online soon-the SRMO service is a portal for the methodology literature.
  • We also provide access to databases specific to related social science disciplines, such as Economics (e.g., EconLit and the Economist Intelligence Unit) and Sociology (e.g., Sociological Abstracts, SocINDEX) as well as more general social science resources. For a review of all our databases, please go to http://web.library.emory.edu/databases.
  • We have strong and wide-ranging print collections-monographs (books) and journals-in all major subfields of political science (Comparative Politics, American Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory) and are always aiming to add to and strengthen our collections in specific areas within these subfields, as needs and demands arise or may require. Political science receives a large budget each fiscal year (upwards of $25K) to support the purchase of new collections and support the research of faculty and graduate students. In addition to print titles, we are acquiring more ebooks from various vendors. addition to US government documents, Woodruff also possesses an impressive number of United Nations documents to support research on international issues.
  • For titles that we do not currently hold, we provide an inter-library loan (ILL) service that is quite resourceful (and free). My dissertation necessitated a large amount of specialized research materials, the vast majority of which were easily acquired through ILL. Emory also has agreements with numerous local institutions (Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, Georgia State) that allow you to borrow materials from their collections.
  • Being that Emory is an official federal depository for US government documents, there is an impressive collection of primary federal government sources (in particular, congressional) available for research in multiple formats. We also hold many documents from the principal federal governmental agencies. We also subscribe to Lexis-Nexis Congressional, which indexes materials produced by the Congressional Information Service (CIS). Our full-text electronic collection of congressional hearings is significant.
  • The Macmillan Law Library acts as an official depository for primary European Union documents. The Law Library also has an impressive collection of international law materials. We have a significant collection at Woodruff of judicial materials which are supplemented by the Law Library's collections.
  • Numerous workshops are held each semester and during the summer to introduce and inform students and faculty about better searching strategies, new databases and electronic resources, and various other library services (such as for bibliographic management like Endnote and Zotero). 
  • Wireless connectivity is available throughout the library.
  • Study carrels and offices are available for advanced graduate students throughout the Stack floors.

These are just a few of the features of the Woodruff Library at Emory. I hope that you will take a closer look at the services the General Libraries can offer you at http://web.library.emory.edu. We are always considering ways to partner with faculty and students and welcome comments, suggestions and any other input along the way.

If you have any questions or further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me at 404-727-0143, or by e-mail at cpalazz@emory.edu.


Dr. Chris Palazzolo
Social Sciences Librarian
Woodruff Library