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Social Sciences Librarian

My name is Chris Palazzolo and I am the social sciences librarian at Woodruff Library at Emory University. I serve as a link between the Department of Political Science (as well as to Economics) and the Woodruff Library in terms of instruction (both graduate and undergraduate), reference/consultation, and collections.

I am writing to provide you with a few details as to the numerous services and resources Emory holds, with a special emphasis on political science and more broadly, the social sciences. As a Ph.D. in the Department of Political Science as well as a former Woodruff Library fellow, I possess significant expertise in political science and general social science resources and research.

Woodruff Library's principal objective is to support your research needs by integrating traditional library resources with emergent and developing research technologies and collections. Therefore, not only does one have access to an impressive print collection, but also to state-of-the-art technological applications and assistance.

As you begin your political science and international studies coursework, here are some resource tips for you! 

Chris Palazzolo, PhD Headshot
Chris Palazzolo, PhD
Head of Collection Management and Social Sciences Librarian

Reference Resources

These are great tools for locating foundational research, current research, and ongoing research questions in the field.

Current Subject and Course Guides

Visit the current subject and course guides that have been created for political science.


DiscoverE is your essential tool for determining what Emory owns in print or digitally. Don't forget to use the virtual browse feature in the catalog to see what other titles might be of interest or relevance to your research topic). You can also just go up to the Stacks and browse up there!

 The most widely used resources for journal content in political science are:

Quick political, economic, or social data

For more advanced data requests, please consider Data Services, housed in the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship.

Data Services

For more advanced data requests, please consider Data Services, housed in the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship.

Area and International Studies Team

The Area and International Studies Team can assist with more specific resources of potential interest, including:

We also have access to signficant works in the vernacular.

Additional Resources

Other cool resources of interest to political science that which you should you take advantage of:

Graduate Resources

  • Browzine, which is a great way to browse our journal content, and create collections of journal.  Good for keepiong abreast of new content!
  • E-Book Guide--there are still many options for academic and popular e-books (for the latter, consider Overdrive, our popular ebook and audiobook collections).  Our libguide highlights your options.
  • Dataverse for datasets (for replication, reuse, and deposit) as well as ICPSR.
  • Google Scholar--Be sure to use "settings" and then choose "Library Links" to be sure that you are accessing licensed-content!
  • LibX which has many functions, but most importantly allows you to easily search for journal content directly from a citation on a webpage (FindIt@Emory), search ISBNs right off the page, and very importantly, add the proxy link to assure you have access to a journal/ebook/data source!
  • ECDS Data Services - assistance with locating and using quantitative data and geospatial software in your research
  • Databases@Emory