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Undergraduate Research Grant

The Department of Political Science has a small amount of funds available to provide research support to undergraduates majoring in Political Science, International Studies, and Math-Political Science.* Individual grants to students typically range from $100-$1,000. Students who are undertaking research projects that would benefit from research funding are encouraged to apply.   

How grants are typically used 

  • To support research for a paper in a political science course or for an honors thesis, including:  
    • travel for field work  
    • hiring a professional to transcribe taped interviews  
    • purchasing quantitative data sets  
    • conducting a survey 
    • for attendance of an academic conference, including fees and travel expenses  

The funds are generally not used for items such as purchasing computer hardware or hosting external speakers. 

Application process  

A completed application consists of:  

  1. A 2–4-page research proposal explaining the research project and how the funds will contribute to the successful completion of the project  
  2. An itemized budget  
  3. The name of the Political Science faculty member who is supervising the project 

If you are interested in applying for these funds, please e-mail your completed application to Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Rob La Terza, at

Applications are accepted starting November 1 and must be received by December 1 in the Fall semester. Applications are accepted starting March 1 and must be received by April 1 in the Spring semester. 

*Under exceptional circumstances, students majoring in other areas may be considered for research funding.