Recent Placements: 

Richard Morgan (Ph.D expected 2017) Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Gothenburg

Laura Maxwell (Ph.D expected 2017) Assistant Researcher, University of Gothenburg

Caitlin Ainsley (Ph.D 2016) Assistant Professor, University of Washington

Sabrina Karim (Ph.D 2016) Assistant Professor, Cornell University

Jane Sumner (Ph.D 2016) Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

Professor Thomas Remington is awarded Emory College Award for Academic Advising for 2016. 

Political Science BA/MA student, Caiwei Huang, awarded 2017 Schwarzman Scholarship.

Professor Chris Palazzolo shares his passion for politics

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Dr. Brian Greenhill, Oct 18
Dr. Susan Yackee, Nov 29
Dr. Costas Panagopoulos,
Nov 30
Dr. Pablo Montagnes, Dec 6
Dr. Sarah Anzia, Dec 13