Read contributions from Emory Political Science faculty John Patty, Maggie Penn, Miguel Rueda, and alumna Sabrina Karim in the latest edition of the American Political Science Review

Anna Gunderson awarded Best Graduate Student Paper award from the Law and Courts Section of APSA

Elizabeth Wiener won the Best Graduate Student Poster award at the 2019 State Politics and Policy Conference

Recent Placements:

Laura Huber (PhD 2019) Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Cornell University

Bethany Nanamaker Morrison (PhD 2019) Postdoctoral Research Associate, Teaching and Learning Collaborative, Wake Forest University

Joshua Fjelstul (PhD 2019) Postdoctoral Fellow, Washington University-St. Louis

Yeon Kyung Grace Park (PhD 2019) Assistant Professor, Bogazici University

Anna Gunderson (PhD 2019) Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University

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