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Franklin Fellows Program

The Franklin Fellows Program in Democracy and Citizenship, directed by Professor J. Judd Owen, builds upon Emory’s Voluntary Core Curriculum and aims to guide motivated students to a serious traditional liberal education. Studies are rooted in examination of the great books and extend outside the classroom with events such as reading groups, film discussions, and trips to fine arts performances. It is designed for students who want a direct and respectful, but probing and critical study of major creative and theoretical works that have shaped human thought and history. Franklin Fellows enter into debates about human nature, ethics, government, history, and the meaning of life. They learn skills of critical reasoning, close reading, and clear, cogent writing. Not least, they will join a community of scholars and form friendships founded on a passion for fundamental questions, a spirit of friendly debate, and a willingness to engage in critical self-scrutiny. To learn more and apply, click here.