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Summer Program in European Politics

The Emory University Department of Political Science offers a 6-week summer program on European Politics based in Berlin, capital of reunited Germany. All courses in the program are taught in English.


The broad themes covered by the courses include the political life of the countries of contemporary Europe, including, civil society, representative and judicial institutions; and the role of the European Union and the effects of European integration on the political processes of European countries.

The program also focuses on the politics of the rule of law, and the regional and national political challenges faced by European countries, such as migration, social welfare policy, and human rights.

Site Visits

Following four weeks of classroom instruction in Berlin, site visits to Madrid, The Hague, Brussels, and Paris are planned where we will meet with experts and policy-makers.

The Program

The program is designed to educate students in the theory and practice of politics in Europe. The courses offered will include both a rigorous theoretical component developed through lectures and class discussion and an applied, practical component realized through guest lectures and site visits.

Participating in the program will give students the opportunity to observe first hand the operation of political institutions in contemporary Europe. All of the courses offered were designed to take advantage of the unique opportunity to visit institutions and meet policy-makers and experts from across Europe.

While the program is designed for Political Science and International Studies majors, students from all other majors are welcome as well. All courses count toward the major as regular on-campus Emory courses.

Scholarship Fund

The Halle Foundation created a scholarship fund based on both merit and academic need.

Contact Information

For more information on the program please visit Emory Study Abroad website or contact Professor Jeff Staton.
Jeffrey Staton Headshot
Jeffrey Staton
Department Chair
321B Tarbutton Hall