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Bard Semester Program

Bard College's Globalization and International Affairs (BGIA) Program provides a unique opportunity for students and recent graduates to engage in the study and practice of:

  • international law,
  • international relations,
  • political economy,
  • global public health,
  • international reporting, and more.

BGIA blends traditional coursework in these fields with internships at international organizations in New York City. Students combine critical thinking about global affairs with practical experience in major international organizations.

The program's diverse and motivated students spend mornings at their internships around New York City and afternoons studying with leading scholars, practitioners, and policymakers. A semester at BGIA also includes talks by high-profile guest speakers and exciting cultural events - all while experiencing life in Manhattan. 

Please note that this program is currently not eligible for VA funding. Students should consult their financial aid advisor before committing to participate in the program.

Apply for the Program

Students may apply to participate in BGIA during their junior or senior year at Emory. Applying in the spring semester of sophomore year to participate in BGIA during fall of junior year is permissible.

Students will register for sixteen (16) satisfactory/unsatisfactory Emory credit hours under POLS 487: International Studies at Bard. Eight of these hours may be applied as two four-credit electives and used to fulfill requirements for either the Political Science or International Studies major. Bard Semester credit cannot be applied to the Political Science minor, the Math-Political Science major, or the Public Policy & Analysis major. Please note: the total number of hours taken at Bard may not equal sixteen, but will still transfer as sixteen hours on your Emory transcript.

A graded transcript will be provided by Bard College and may be used, along with your Emory transcript, in the future for employment or graduate school applications.

Emory Application

Bard Semester Application

Announcements about application deadlines will be made each semester. Applications are submitted to the department's Director of Experiential Learning, Professor Alex Bolton.

Typically, two to three students per semester are selected and then recommended to Bard. 


BGIA offers international affairs courses in an intimate teaching environment. Students take up to four seminar-style courses which cover a breadth of international fields and are based on student discussion, research, and writing. BGIA’s core seminar provides the academic framework to contextualize students’ professional internships within the sphere of international relations. 


  • Bard College
  • Brown University
  • Columbia School of Journalism
  • Yale University
  • The New York Times
  • Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Newsweek

Recent Courses

  • Realism Reconsidered: Ethics in International Affairs
  • Issues in Global Public Health
  • Grand Strategy from Sun Tzu to Clausewitz
  • Trends in Terrorism and Counterterrorism
  • Writing on International Affairs
  • The Development of the U.N. System

*Offerings change each semester


Enrolled students work closely with BGIA staff to identify internships that match their individual interests and goals. They are guided through the cover letter and resume writing process and, most importantly, students are able to take advantage of BGIA’s extensive network in New York City to secure a part to full time professional internship.  

Once the internship begins, each student is assigned a staff mentor at their internship to support them throughout the program. Students, BGIA staff, and internship mentors work closely together to ensure a successful and productive internship experience. 

Additionally, students participate in BGIA workshops that help them smoothly transition into professional life through sessions covering interview skills, workplace etiquette, and networking, among other topics. Additional panels provide candid discussions of various career paths and advice from young professionals. 

BGIA's internship matching process begins once students are admitted to the BGIA program.