Undergraduate Study in Political Science

The Department of Political Science offers major concentrations in both Political Science and International Studies, joint majors in Political Science & Math and Public Policy & Analysis, and a Minor concentration in Political Science. A double major in Political Science and International Studies is not allowed nor is a major in International Studies with a minor in Political Science.

For both the Political Science and International Studies majors, a minimum of eleven courses and 36 hours must be taken in classroom courses, seven of which must be taken at Emory (or Oxford) College. No course for either major or for the minor may be taken S/U.

Departmental offerings are divided among the four major fields of the discipline:

  • Political Theory
  • American Government and Politics
  • Comparative Government and Politics
  • International Politics

The department offers four introductory level courses: POLS 100 (National Politics in the United States), POLS 102 (Introduction to Political Theory), POLS 110 (Introduction to International Politics), and POLS 120 (Introduction to Comparative Politics). The department also offers POLS 190 Variable Topics Courses (Freshman Seminars). While these courses may or may not be required for a particular major or minor, they are often suggested prerequisites for upper-division courses.