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Dissertations Completed

Doctoral Degrees Conferred


  • Curtice, Travis.  The Autocrat's Dilemma: The Politics of Policing in Multiethnic Societies
  • Dauzat, Braden.  The Value of a Captured Judiciary: The Political Economy of Regime-Aligned Courts
  • Macdonald, Maggie.  Changing Audiences, Changing Messages: The Use of Social Media in Congressional Campaigns
  • McCrain, Joshua.  Legislative Staff, Policymaking, and Legislator Behavior
  • Szewczyk, James The Consequences of Electoral Institutions in the United States
  • Widner, Kirsten.  Unrepresentative Representatives: Surrogate Advocacy and Policy Making
  • Wiener, Elizabeth.  The Influence of Women's Advocacy Organizations on Women's Substantive Representation: Sex Similarities in Legislative Behavior

2018 - 19

  • Bass, Leeann.  Covering the Court: The Impact of a Modern Era of Journalism
  • Fjelstul, Joshua.  Papers on the Political Economy of the European Union
  • Gunderson, Anna.  Why Do States Privatize their Prisons? The Unintended Consequences of Inmate
  • Huber, Laura.  Buying Women's Rights: The Role of International Actors and Conflict in Gender Reform
  • Maxwell, Laura.  Knowing Your Audience: Measuring and Understanding Party Messaging and Branding in Modern Europe
  • Park, Yeon Kyung Grace.  Domestic Politics and International Bargaining
  • Morrison, Bethany Nanamaker.  Deciding to Stay Home: Modeling The Effect of Statutory Enforcement Regime on Potential Litigant

2017 - 18

  • Arrington, Nancy.  Inference, Accountability, and Gender Diversity on the Bench
  • Hartsough, Rebecca. Delay and Responsiveness: Explaining the Timing of Federal Judicial Appointments
  • Kerce, Stephanie Dean. Strategic Presidential Response to Appointment Constraints
  • Morgan, RichardRoad Warriors: State Power, Roads, and Insurgencies
  • Ong, Elvin.  Opposing Power: Opposition Coalition Formation in Singapore and Malaysia in Comparative Perspective
  • Wagstaff, William Andrew. Adapting and Assessing: How Militaries Improve During Conflict
  • Webster, StevenAnger, Anxiety, and the Behavior of the American Electorate

2016 - 17

  • Buckles, GrantOpposition Parties and Authoritarian Control: The Logic and Limitations of Cooptation
  • Karim, SabrinaFinding the Right Security Sector Strategy: The Goldilocks Problem in Post-Conflict States
  • Tans, RyanDecentralization and the Politics of Local Taxation in Southeast Asia
  • Wilson, Maya.  The Power of the Purse: How Funding NGOs Helps International Bureaucrats Advance Policy

2015 - 2016

  • Ainsley, CaitlinThe Institutional Design of Central Banks
  • Bridwell, Jana Hutchinson. Cascades of Protest and the Rise of Social Media: Managing Opposition in the Information Age
  • Sumner, Jane LawrenceWhen Firms Provide: The Political Consequences of the Corporate Provision of Public Services

2014 - 2015

  • Moraguez, AshleyBreaking Bargains: Executive-Legislative Bargaining Under Signing Statements
  • Park, Baekkwan. The Politics of Naming and Shaming
  • Pierce, Andrew. How Generational Differences in Socialization and Identity Shaped America's Partisan-Ideological Landscape
  • Smelcer, Susan Navarro. The Evolution of Dissent in the United States Supreme Court

2012 - 2013

  • Baerg, NicoleThe Political Economy of Conquering Inflation: The Impact of Elite Opposition and Elite Consensus on Inflation-Stabilization
  • Beaudette, DonaldBeyond Coercion: The Politics of Punishment Attacks and Policing in Northern Ireland
  • Danneman, NathanIntra-Bargaining Commitment Problems and Third Party Enforcement
  • Peic, Goran.  Civilian Defense Forces, Tribal Groups, and Counter-Insurgency Outcomes
  • Ricks, JacobThe Politics of Participation: Irrigation Associations in Southeast Asia
  • Strayhorn, JoshuaInstitutions and Legal Consistency in the U.S. Courts of Appeals
  • Sudduth, Jun KogaDomestic Political Institutions, Leadership Survival and Conflicts in Dictatorships

2011 - 2012

  • Hashimoto, BarryThe Power and Politicized Expansion of the International Criminal Court
  • Kirkpatrick, AndrewFishing for Ballots
  • Smith, Adrienne. The Election, Incorporation, and Policy Impact of Women in City Government
  • Wofford, ClaireThe Road (Not) Taken: Selection of Legal Rules on the U.S. Supreme Court

2010 - 2011

  • Gallagher, MaryannWho Ups the Ante in International Relations? Personality Traits and Risky Foreign Policy
  • Gunning, MatthewPartisan Preferences in Southern State Legislatures
  • Harrell, Jessica Lee. Gender Stereotypes and Congressional Campaign Strategies
  • Kakietek, Jakub. Germs and Governments: Electoral Market Imperfections and the Politics of HIV/AIDS in Developing Democracies
  • Moore, Joel DavidVarieties of Capitalist Development: The Political Determinants of Economic Governance Systems
  • Ritter, Emily HenckenConflict Processes and Courts: Repression, Dissent, and the Influence of Domestic Judicial Institutions
  • Reuter, Ora JohnThe Origins of Dominant Parties

2009 - 2010

  • Fuerst, Kai Philipp. On the Strategic Implications of Power Shifts: Reassurance, Coercion, and Preventive Action
  • Haywood, Keisha. This Land Is My Land: Secessionist Group Leaders¿ Decisions to Decrease or Increase the Level of Violence They Use
  • Kucik, JeffreyThe Political Economy of Designing International Trade Institutions
  • Vigilante,KatherineDeconstructing and Constructing Activism: A New Measure Applied to the Fifty State Supreme Courts

2008 - 2009

  • Blackstone, Bethany. Anticipation and Retaliation: The Impact of the Supreme Court on Congressional Decision-Making
  • Hajj, NadyaRules in Un-Ruled Lands: The Origins of Property Rights in Palestinian Refugee Camp Sectors across Lebanon and Jordan
  • Hill, Kelly. Affordable Housing and Governance in Cities
  • Kerner, AndrewThe Political Economy of Investor Protection
  • Liu, AmyThe Politics of Language Regimes
  • Murdie, AmandaSignals Without Borders: The Conditional Impact of INGOs

2007 - 2008

  • Bhasin, TavishiExplaining Political Protest: State Institutions & State Response
  • Hamner, Jesse. Until the Well is Dry: Conflict and Cooperation over Scarce Water Resources
  • Vining, RichardTenure and Turnover on the U.S. Courts of Appeals, 1891-2004
  • Wolford, M. ScottNational Leaders and International Politics

2006 - 2007

  • Chapman, TerrenceInformation and Institutional Legitimacy: the UN Security Council, Regional Organizations, and State Behavior
  • Palazzolo, Christopher. Electoral Independence, Dependence, or Co-dependence? A Reassessment of Second-order Electoral Expectations in Subnational Elections
  • Yuen, AmyStrategic Choices and Third-Party Intervention in Interstate Conflict