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Michael Rich Headshot
Michael Rich
Professor and Department Chair
308 Tarbutton Hall
Jack Paine Headshot
Jack Paine
Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies
310 Tarbutton Hall
Beth Reingold Headshot
Beth Reingold
Professor & Director of Graduate Admissions and Placement
331 Tarbutton Hall
Hubert Tworzecki Headshot
Hubert Tworzecki
Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies
316 Tarbutton Hall
Alexander Bolton Headshot
Alexander Bolton
Associate Professor, Director of Experiential Learning & Honors Program Director
317 Tarbutton Hall


Kathy Malanoski Headshot
Kathy Malanoski
Assistant Program Director
338 Tarbutton Hall
Michelle Brown Headshot
Michelle Brown
Faculty Program Coordinator
326 Tarbutton Hall
Debbie Allen Headshot
Debbie Allen
Graduate Program Coordinator
328 Tarbutton Hall
Katie Upchurch
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
327 Tarbutton Hall
Bianca Bergeron Headshot
Bianca Bergeron
Administrative Assistant
327 Tarbutton Hall