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Faculty Research at a Glance

Selected Recent Publications

Abramowitz, Alan I. 2018. The Great Alignment: Race, Party Transformation and the Rise of Donald Trump. New Haven: Yale University Press (paperback edition with new preface to be published in summer of 2019). 

Abramowitz, Alan I. and Jennifer McCoy. 2019. United States: Racial Resentment, Negative Partisanship and Polarization in Trump’s America. Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 681: 137-156.

Bolton, Alexander and Sharece Thrower. 2019 “The Constraining Power of the Purse: Executive Discretion and Legislative Appropriations.”Journal of Politics 81(4): 1266–1281 

Bolton, Alexander, Michael Barber, and Sharece Thrower. 2019. “Legislative Constraints on Executive Unilateralism in Separation of Powers Systems.” Legislative Studies Quarterly 44(3): 515–548.

Brown, Courtney. 2008. Graph Algebra: Mathematical Modeling with a Systems Approach. 2008. Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publications. Series: Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences, Number 151. 

Brown, Courtney. 1995. Serpents in the Sand: Essays on the Nonlinear Nature of Politics and Human Destiny. Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Press.

Bueno, N. S. 2017. “Bypassing the Enemy: Distributive Politics, Credit Claiming, and Non-state Welfare Provision.” Comparative Political Studies. 51(3):304-340.

Bueno, N. S. and Dunning, T. 2017. “Race, Resources, and Representation: Evidence from Brazilian Politicians.” World Politics. 69(2): 327-365.

[Carrubba] Fjelstul, Joshua C. and Clifford J. Carrubba. 2018. “The Politics of International Oversight: Strategic Monitoring and Legal Compliance in the European Union.” American Political Science Review. 112(3): 429-445. 

[Carrubba] Strayhorn, Josh, Clifford J. Carrubba, and Micheal Giles. 2016. “Monitoring under Severe Resource Constraints.” Journal of Theoretical Politics. 28(3): 431-460.

[Clark] Beim, Deborah, Tom S. Clark, and Benjamin E. Lauderdale. Forthcoming. “Republican-Majority Appellate Panels Increase Execution Rates for Capital Defendants,” Journal of Politics (formerly titled, The Effects of Panel Assignment on the US Court of Appeals in Death Penalty Cases) 

Clark, Tom S. 2019. The Supreme Court: An Analytic History of Constitutional Decision Making. New York: Cambridge University Press; Series in Political Economy of Institutions and Decisions.

[Davis] Murdie, Amanda, David R. Davis, and Baekkwan Park. Forthcoming. Advocacy Output: Automated-Coding Documents from Human Rights Organizations. Journal of Human Rights 

[Davis] Park, Baekkwan,  Amanda Murdie, and David R. Davis. Forthcoming. The (Co) Evolution of Human Rights Advocacy: Understanding Human Rights Issue Emergence Over Time" Conflict and Cooperation.

Fraga, Bernard L. 2018. The Turnout Gap: Race, Ethnicity, and Political Inequality in a Diversifying America. New York: Cambridge University Press. 

Award: APSA Section on Race, Ethnicity, and Politics Best Book Award (2019)

Fraga, Bernard L., Eric Gonzalez Juenke, and Paru Shah. 2020 “One Run Leads to Another: Minority Incumbents and the Emergence of Lower Ticket Minority Candidates.” Journal of Politics. 82 (2): 771-775.

Gade, Emily K. “Social Isolation and Repertoires of Resistance.” 2020. OnlineFirst from American Political Science Review.

Gade, Emily K. Michael Gabby, Mohammed Fafex, and Zane Kelly. “Networks of Cooperation: Rebel Alliances in Fragmented Civil Wars. 2019. OnlineFirst at Journal of Conflict Resolution.

Award: Nils Petter Gleditsch Award for best paper published in JCR, 2019

Gandhi, Jennifer and Jane Sumner. Forthcoming. “Measuring the Consolidation of Power in Non-Democracies.” Journal of Politics 

Gandhi, Jennifer and Elivn Ong. Forthcoming. “Committed or Conditional Democrats? Opposition Dynamics in Electoral Autocracies.” American Journal of Political Science.

Gillespie, Andra. 2019. Race and the Obama Administration: Substance, Symbols and Hope. Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press.

Gillespie, Andra and Nadia E. Brown. Fortcoming. “#BlackGirlMagic Demystified: Black Women as Voters, Partisans and Political Actors.” Phylon. 

[Glynn] An, W. and Glynn, A.N. Forthcoming. “Treatment Effect Deviation as an Alternative to Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition for Studying Social Inequality.”Sociological Methods & Research.

[Glynn] Blackwell, M. and Glynn, A.N. 2018. “How to Make Causal Inferences with Time-Series Cross-Sectional Data under Selection on Observables.” American Political Science Review 112 (4): 1067-1082.

[Ichino] Ahlquist, John, Nahomi Ichino, Jason Wittenberg, and Daniel Ziblatt. 2018. “How Do Voters Perceive Changes to the Rules of the Game? Evidence from the 2014 Hungarian Elections.” Journal of Comparative Economics 46: 906–19.

[Ichino] Bowers, Jake, Bruce A. Desmarais, Mark M. Fredrickson, Nahomi Ichino, Hsuan-Wei Lee, and Simi Wang. 2018. “Models, Methods and Network Topology: Experimental Design for the Study of Interference.” Social Networks 54: 196–208.

[Jung] Cohen, Dara Kay and Danielle Jung. Under Contract. Lynching and Local Justice. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Elements: Political Economy Series, Ed, David Stasavage.

Jung, Danielle, Karen E. Ferree, Robert Down, and Clark Gibson. 2018. “Electoral ink and turnout in a partial democracy.’’ The British Journal of Political Science. 1-17; doi:10.1017/S0007123418000121

Lancaster, Thomas and Reem Abdalla. 2018. “Independent Regulatory Authorities as Mechanisms of Political Monitoring.” Indian Journal of Public Administration. 

Lancaster, Thomas. 2017. “The Spanish General Elections of 2015 and 2016.A New Stage in Democratic Politics?” West European Politics

Montagnes, B. Pablo, Zachary Peskowitz, and Joshua McCrain. Forthcoming. “Bounding Partisan Approval Rates Under Endogenous Partisanship: Why High Presidential Approval May Not Be What it Seems” Journal of Politics

[Montagnes] Spenkuch, Jorg, B. Pablo Montagnes, and Daniel Magleby. 2018. “Backward Induction in the Wild: Evidence from the U.S. Senate.” American Economic Review, 108 (7): 1971-2013.

Owen, J. Judd. 2019. “Knowing and Not Knowing ISIS.” Critical Review, 31(1).

Owen, J. Judd. 2015. Making Religion Safe for Democracy: Transformation from Hobbes to Tocqueville. New York: Cambridge University Press. 

Owens, Michael Leo, Akira Drake Rodriguez, & Robert A. Brown. Forthcoming.  “’Let’s Get Ready to Crumble’: Black Municipal Leadership and Public Housing Transformation in the United States,” Urban Affairs Review.

[Owens] Cohen, Elisha, Anna Gunderson, Kaylyn Jackson, Paul Zachary, Tom S. Clark, Adam Glynn, and Michael Leo Owens. 2019. “Do Officer-Involved Shootings Reduce Citizen Contact with Government?” Journal of Politics 81(3):1111-1123

Patty, John and Sean Gailmard. Forthcoming. “Preventing Prevention” American Journal of Political Science.

Patty, John and Elizabeth Maggie Penn. 2019. “Are Moderates Better Representatives than Extremists? A Theory of Indirect Representation” American Political Science Review. 113 (3): 743-761.

Penn, Elizabeth Maggie. 2017. “Inequality, Social Context, and Value Divergence.” Journal of Politics. 79(1)

[Penn] Patty, John, Constanza F. Schibber, Elizabeth Maggie Penn, and Brian Crisp. 2019.  “Valence, Elections, and Legislative Institutions.”American Journal of Political Science. 63(3), 2019.

[Peskowitz] Cook, Jason B., Vladimir Kogan, Stephane Lavertu, and Zachary Peskowitz. 2020. Articles “Government Privatization and Political Participation: The Case of Charter Schools.” Journal of Politics. 82(1):300-314. 

Peskowitz, Zachary. 2019. “Ideological Signaling and Incumbency Advantage.” British Journal of Political Science. 49:(2): 467-490.

Reingold, Beth, Kirsten Widner, and Rachel Harmon. Forthcoming. “Legislating at the Intersections: Race, Gender, and Representation.” Political Research Quarterly 

Available at OnlineFirst: 

[Reingold] Browne, Irene, Beth Reingold, and Anne Kronberg. 2018. “Race Relations, Black Elites and Immigration Politics: Conflict, Commonalities, and Context.” Social Forces 96(4): 1691-1720.

[Reinhardt] Chapman, Terrence, and Eric Reinhardt. 2013. "Global credit markets, political violence, and politically sustainable risk premia." International Interactions 39(3): 316-342.

[Reinhardt] Mansfield, Edward D., and Eric Reinhardt. 2008 “International institutions and the volatility of international trade." International Organization 62(4): 621-652.

Reiter, Dan, Editor. 2017.  The Sword’s Other Edge: Tradeoffs in the Pursuit of Military Effectiveness Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Reiter, Dan and Andrew Wagstaff. Forthcoming. "Leadership and Military Effectiveness." Foreign Policy Analysis.

Rich, Michael and Robert P. Stoker. Forthcoming. “Obama’s Urban Legacy: The Limits of Braiding and Local Policy Coordination.” Urban Affairs Review.

Rich, Michael and Robert P. Stoker. 2014. Collaborative Governance for Urban Revitalization: Lessons from Empowerment Zones. Cornell University Press. 

Rueda, Miguel and Nelson Ruiz. Forthcoming. “Political Agency, Election Quality, and Corruption.” Journal of Politics.

Rueda, Miguel and Sergio Ascencio. 2019. “Partisan Poll Watchers and Electoral Manipulation.” American Political Science Review. 113 (3).

[Semetko] Kumar, A., & Semetko, H. A. 2018. “Peace communication in cross-border media flows.” Journal of Communication, 68(3), 612-635.

[Semetko] Scammell, M., & Semetko, H. 2018. The media, journalism and democracy. Routledge.

Sexton, Renard, Rachel Wellhausen and Michael Findley. 2019. “How Government Reactions to Violence Worsen Social Welfare: Evidence from Peru.” American Journal of Political Science. 63(2): 353–367. 

[Sexton] Christensen, Darin, Mai Nguyen and Renard Sexton. 2019.“Strategic Violence during Democratization: Evidence from Myanmar.” World Politics, 71(2): 332–366.

Staton, Jeffrey K. and Alexia Romero. Forthcoming. “Rational Remedies: The Role of Opinion Clarity in the Inter-American Human Rights System.” International Studies Quarterly. 

[Staton] Clark, Tom S., Benjamin Engst, and Jeffrey K. Staton. 2018. “Estimating the Effect of Leisure on Judicial Performance. Journal of Legal Studies. 47(2): 349-390.

Tworzecki, Hubert, “Poland: A Case of Top-Down Polarization," The Annals of The American Academy of Political and Social Science, Vol. 681, No. 1 (Jan. 2019), pp. 97-119.

[Tworzecki] Semetko, Holli and Hubert Tworzecki, “Campaign Strategies, Media and Voters: The Fourth Era of Political Communication,” in Marta Cantijoch, Edward Fieldhouse, Mark Franklin,  Rachel Gibson, Christopher Wlezien and Justin Fisher, eds., Routledge Handbook on Public Opinion and Voting Behaviour (London and New York: Routledge, 2017).