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Math-POLS Major

Suggested Courses


POLS 111: Principles of Political Science

QTM 100: Intro to Statistical Inference


MATH 111: Calculus I

MATH 112: Calculus II


POLS 208: Political Science Research Methods


MATH 211: Multivariable Calculus

MATH 212 or MATH 250: Differential Equations or Foundations of Math

MATH 221: Linear Algebra


POLS Elective #1 (Ex: POLS 319: International Political Economy)

POLS RSCH course (Ex: POLS 310: Statistical Modeling)


MATH 361: Probability & Statistics I

MATH 362: Probability & Statistics II


POLS Elective #2 (Ex: POLS 369: Public Policy Analysis)

POLS Elective #3 (Ex: POLS 399: Directed Research)

POLS Elective #4 (Ex: POLS 513: Intro to Game Theory)



  • For appropriate POLS electives, please check with your faculty advisor or the Undergraduate Coordinator.